Perfect Makeup Bag 

Perfect Makeup Bag? Yes, please!

1. Marc Jacobs Beauty Undercover Perfecting Coconut Face Primer.

2. NARS All Day Luminous Weighless Foundation.

3. YSL Anti-Cernes Multi-Action Concealer.

4. It’s Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Poreless Finishing Powder.

5. Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder (Glow Collection).

6. Anastasis Beverly Hills Contour Kit.

7. Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Mascara.

8. YSL Eyeliner.

9. Dior Lip Maximizer.

10. Sigma Travel Brush Kit Mrs. Bunny.

Makeup Bag — Tory Burch Robinson Small Makeup Bag




Song of the week: Techicolour Beat — Oh Wonder.  

And I feel life for the very first time

Love in my arms, and the sun in my eyes

I feel safe in the 5am light

You carry my fears as the heavens set fire




“I want to build skyscrapers on your back and go cloud watching in your blue eyes. I want to see our fingers perfectly interlock and I want to learn how beautiful you look when you’ve just woken up. I want to speak with you every day about absolutely nothing. I want to read the hieroglyphs that the freckles on your cheek so delicately spell out. God I just want you. I want to draw constellations on the back of your hand and paint masterpieces on your forehead. I want to somehow morph into your soul and become part of you so that I’ll never have to live a day without you.”
— Unknown.



“Somewhere there is a universe in which we never leave. Something about stardust and physics. A moment caught in a snow globe on a carousel. Falling like we’re in love and spinning like faraway planets.Here. There. Somewhere.
You break my heart all over again. I scatter like wildflower seeds. And the ocean draws back at my touch. The fish with it. The seashells stay. Again and again. The air grows too light for lungs heavy with missing. 

But also,

Here. There. Somewhere.
I’m running like the wind can’t catch me. When we’re chasing down ice cream trucks, sunsets, and curfew. We never stop. The night glitters, I’m laughing, you’ve already forgotten the lyrics to my favorite song. You pick me a dandelion. Again and again. I make the same wish.”